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Channel Drain Grate

Channel Drain Grate – Avoiding Flooding In Your Property

Proper drainage is the key to ensuring your property is protected from floods. Installing a channel drain grate on your property will prevent water pooling on or around it, which also prevents thousands of dollars in repair later on. They are best positioned around your land, the garage, the pool, and low-lying areas.

During the rainy season especially, water can seep through the foundation of buildings. Standing water is a threat that can potentially cause cracks and movements on the foundation, as well as flooded basements and underground areas. In garden areas, the water can either pool in your lawn or cause saturation in soil, which can kill your plants and may even cause erosion in elevated areas as well.

To prevent all of these, a simple solution is to install a channel drain grate around your property. There are others who have installed just one drain hole, which isn’t enough defense against rain water, especially during heavy rain pour. A channel drain grate is installed around the property so that the water has fewer chances of reaching the building.

Channel Drain Grates Function And Style

Nowadays, especially in commercial properties, channel drain grates are more than just defense against flood. They also function as an architectural design. Jonite’s channel drain grates have unlimited range of color customization that can either be camouflage or a standout, depending on the design.

Some channel drain grates are installed in inconspicuous hue, the same as the walkway or driveway itself. Usually, the standard vertical line patterns are used to make it look discreet.

But there are also those, and they are becoming quite popular nowadays, that are in customized patterns and colors to make them stand out. These drain grates are not only functional, they are also decorative. They are usually found in the swimming pool and fountain area or wherever visible to people.

Jonite’s channel drain grates not only have low water absorption quality, they are bacteria and slip resistant as well; thus, giving consumers peace of mind in regard to its safety features.

Protecting your property against water and flooding will protect its foundation, saving you from high cost of repairs later on. Installing channel drain grates is a simple, and often very decorative, way to do so.

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