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Decorative Drain Grating

Incorporating The Beauty And Strength Of Stone In Your Decorative Drain Grating

Beyond utility, drain gratings that skirt the floor space of a building can provide the finishing touches to impact its over-all ambience. Drains make sure that water from rain and other sources do not flood the surface. The more conventional way of installing drain grating makes use of steel. But overtime, steel grates tend to produce clanking sounds when stepped on. And as these are perpetually exposed to elements like water, steel grates can develop rust, and rust that run on the floor and adjacent surface can render the area untidy.

The beauty and strength of stones can now be incorporated in your decorative drain grating. Achieving the balance between aesthetics and durability, Jonite stone-reinforced decorative drain grating is by far also the most earth-friendly material to use. Made from 95% agglomeration of natural stone substrates and mineral oxides, and produced by a propriety compression technology, this unique construction product derives inspiration from castles of England which were made of natural stones. Thus, using a Jonite stone-reinforced decorative drain grating, a piece of royalty is incorporated into the building.

Durability Of Stone-Reinforced Decorative Drain Grating

The matte finish of the stones is smooth to the touch and complements the soothing and nature-friendly ambience of the building exterior. But the material’s smooth texture does not take to mean it lacks strength. Jonite stone-reinforced solutions have passed BS EN124.1994 standard for load compliance in construction materials, attesting to its capability to withstand load or pressure.

Jonite stones decorative drain grating is also resistant to the wear and tear brought about by its perpetual immersion into the water. Despite its incessant bouts of being wet and then exposed to the sun to dry, the colours of the decorative drain grating do not fade easily.

Surpassing Safety Standards For A Decorative Drain Grating

Jonite stone-reinforced decorative drain grating also guarantees safety. Even as the matte finish is smooth to the touch, Jonite stones have passed the slip resistance test (Classification B AS/NZS 4586 Appendix C). The stones also comply with the water absorption test (0.12%, SS245:1995 Appendix F), rendering it safe for pedestrians.

Finally, desiring to give your house or your office building beauty that is beyond usual? Jonite reinforced-stone solutions unbridle your creative passion. Designs can be bespoke according to your specifications, and can even bear your insignia or initials, or complement the exterior landscape.

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