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Decorative Drain Grating

Decorative Drain Grating Merges Function And Form

Nowadays, drain grates are decorative as much as they are utilitarian. They not only serve as the whole property’s defense against water flooding, but also as accent to the architectural design of the place.

Decorative drain grating goes beyond the duty of function. There was a time when steel grates were found installed around the premises to ensure that the whole area is protected from the flooding of excess water. And while steel gratings serve their function well, it can be a blemish to an otherwise spotless aesthetic design of the place.

Fortunately, property developers don’t need to choose function over form anymore. Jonite’s decorative drain grating goes beyond conventional functionality. It offers advantages that standard grates can’t provide, while at the same time it adds artistic value to the overall design.

Each decorative drain grating from Jonite is made from 95 percent agglomeration of natural stone substrates and mineral oxides through a vacuum and compression process. Property developers can be assured that the products are compliant with international standards, such as BS EN124.1994, have been tested for durability, and have passed slip resistance and resistance to bacteria tests.

Jonite’s stone-reinforced gratings complement function with form as well. Because every structure is unique, Jonite gives architects more control on the decorative drain grating designs with customization feature for all standard products.

Its design team works closely with architects and designers to develop and achieve the design that they envision so they won’t be limited to the usual cut, color, and pattern of drain grates.

Each drain grate can be customized according to the requirements of the architectural design. Its texture can be modified to create extra dimension to the landscape. The color can be matched to any hue the design specification demands. And its patterns can be tailored according to the visual design of the place.

Finally, environmentally-conscious companies can be assured that each decorative drain grating is eco-friendly. Jonite products are Green Label certified for its low carbon emissions by the Building Construction Authority of Singapore, and have LEED Label certification for MR Credit 4: Recycled Content.

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