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Driveway Channel Cover

The Driveway Is The Gateway To The Home – A Jonite Driveway Channel Cover Enhances Its Look And Ensures Optimum Functionality

The driveway is an integral part of the home. More than being a place to park cars, it may well be the longest or the largest entryway to one’s dwelling. As the welcome mat, the driveway can make visitors and passersby alike draw significant lasting impressions about the home, and oftentimes, the people living inside. As such, many spend a considerable effort in coming up with a design for the driveway.

The driveway surface might be in concrete or asphalt, while the pavers may be in cobblestones or brick. Of course, there are many more materials to use for the driveway.

Needless to say, selecting materials to use for this area is not an easy task. Aside from design, other factors that need to be considered are durability of selected material and maintenance issues.

Jonite Driveway Channel Cover -The Only Choice A For Highly Functional, Aesthetically Attractive Entryway

Whatever material one chooses to use as the driveway’s surfacing material, a definite necessity is utilizing the Jonite driveway channel cover.

A product of thorough research and innovative materials engineering, it is the best combination of functionality and aesthetic design. A Jonite driveway channel cover comes in a wide array of colors because of its unlimited color customisation.

Another great feature is that it can withstand heavy loads. Being compliant with International Standards like the BS EN 124:1994, the product can most certainly withstand pedestrian traffic. It can carry loads of vehicular weights, too.

This type of driveway channel cover also has low heat absorption. Adults can happily walk barefoot and step on it and not feel the intense heat of the sun. This is because aside from its low heat absorption, it has dielectric properties similar to porcelain, making it an excellent insulator, as well.

Whatever Driveway Surfacing Material Is Used, The Jonite Driveway Channel Cover Is A Perfect Fit

In a nutshell, there are three qualities that make the Jonite driveway channel perfect for any driveway, in any surface and paver. The first is its versatile color matching; second, it has low heat absorption; and third, it has high mechanical integrity.

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