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Driveway Grates

What Qualities Should Your Driveway Grates Have?

When preparing to install grates in your driveway, you have to analyze the functions that the grates will serve. Your architect or building contractor must check and must be able to identify the necessary elements required for a fully functional grate drainage system. One of the most important element to look out for is the loading strength of the grates — these should be able to hold the weight of even the heaviest type of vehicles (such as fire trucks) passing over it.

In order to ensure that the driveway grates that you will be using are strong enough to support the load that passes over it, make sure that these heavy duty grate systems are compliant with international standard specifications for building materials. One such specification is BS EN 124:1994, which is an internationally acknowledged specification for gully tops and manhole covers for areas where there is pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

The Other Functions Of Driveway Grates

Aside from being a part of a drainage system, heavy duty driveway grates also has other important functions. Thus, these grates should meet the considerations regarding safety, durability, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Some homebuilders take for granted that only cars will pass over driveway grates. However, this is not often the case, considering that the occupants of the house may also own a bicycle, have little kids, own pets, or have a family member who is on a wheelchair.

As a safety precaution, international standards require that the openings of grates used in areas where there is pedestrian or human traffic should be less than 13 mm wide. This specification prevents any accidents happening to occupants of a building, considering the potential danger posed by wide-gapped grates to bicycles, tiny feet, and wheelchairs.

Further Considerations In Choosing Driveway Grates

Jonite provides a wide array of options for your driveway grates. All of Jonite’s grates intended for use in driveways are compliant with BS EN 124:1994. This means that if clients specify it, our heavy duty grates can be manufactured to be able to accommodate more than 40 tonnes of vehicular weight (approximately the weight of a loaded fire truck).

Furthermore, in the interest of safety, the openings of Jonite grates are 9 mm wide, thus eliminating the possibility of a wheel or a foot getting wedged between the grates’ gaps.

Driveway Grates Have A Potential For Being Aesthetically Pleasing

If you are also concerned about the attractiveness of the gratings in your driveway, you may have probably noticed that steel grating in somber tones of gray would simply not do. For aesthetically pleasing grates, you can go for Jonite grates. Our selection of grates is available in a variety of customizable colors and designs.

In line with this, Jonite driveway grates are manufactured through an ecologically friendly process. The resources used for creating reinforced-stone gratings are highly renewable, thus minimizing the depletion of non-renewable natural resources. Contact us today for more information about Jonite grate systems and discover how these can breathe new life into your driveways.

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