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Heavy Duty Grates Made Of Jonite – One Green Way To Enhance Hardscapes

In the practice of landscaping, hardscapes are paved areas such as streets and sidewalks, huge business complexes as well as housing developments and other industrial areas. Hardscaping is done when the upper-soil profile is practically bare.

While pavements and the like seem like such drab and hard areas, the truth is, they can be made beautiful through hardscapes. In fact, in today’s green building rating systems, this type of landscaping can earn credits.

Hardscapes Can Combat Heat Through Jonite Heavy Duty Grates

Typical hardscape applications are exterior flatwork such as parking lots, sidewalks and plazas.

Surface color is one way to ensure a green hardscape. Of course, concrete pavements already have good solar reflexivity.

Also, using trees and other forms of vegetation in and around the pavements provide cooling shades. This technique also prevents solar gain. But there are other ways to incorporate a green design structure into these hardscapes.

One is through efficient water management. Grates are great for impervious pavements that promote drainage. In previous or permeable pavements, on the other hand, grates give a clean transition to plantings. Plus, these grates create drains with straight, curved or corner pieces.

Naturally, Jonite heavy duty grates work with various types of pavements in aiding efficient water management.

Jonite Heavy Duty Grates Are Green

Grates must be heavy duty to handle a heavy traffic load – both for vehicles and pedestrians. They must also not bow, flex or move.

Jonite heavy duty grates have all these qualities, and more. These gratings are engineered to sustain load performances. In fact, they are compliant with International Standards such as BS EN 124:1994.

They also absorb less sun heat. Thus, pedestrians who pound the pavements at the time when the sun shines brightest will not feel any discomfort as their feet hit the ground.

It’s A Marriage Of Form And Function With Jonite Heavy Duty Grates

Aside from meeting the most stringent of quality standards, these grates enhance any hardscape’s aesthetic value, too. With its unlimited range of color customization, landscapers will be inspired to put touches of colors on the otherwise grey and drab pavements.

Indeed, Jonite heavy duty grates offer builders and land developers more opportunities to maximize sustainable building practices.

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