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Sustainable Building Materials: The Advantages Of Using Reconstituted Stone

There is now a growing movement to replace steel and iron gratings in buildings. Iron or steel gratings use up too much energy and other resources when they are being manufactured, and the carbon emission during their manufacture is one of main contributors of continual environmental degradation.

The proposed replacements should be sustainable building materials that do not have any adverse effect on the environment and to human health. As such, one of the most viable alternatives to steel or iron gratings are gratings made out of reconstituted stone.

The Reliability Of Reconstituted Stones As Sustainable Building Materials

Until recently, builders and architects have mixed opinions about using reconstituted stone in their construction sites. Although known to be one of the most viable sustainable materials that can have a multitude of uses, the durability and dependability of this particular material is in doubt.

Foremost, early reconstituted stone building materials are not known to be able to withstand large amounts of pressure. In fact, those early reconstituted stone building materials were known to have a weak tensile strength. So, their durability was definitely doubted and their use was limited to out-of-the-way areas, preferably where there is no foot or vehicular traffic.

Reconstituted Stone Redeems Itself As One Of The Most Versatile Sustainable Building Materials Through Jonite

Nonetheless, considering that reconstituted stone is one of the most viable sustainable building materials available, Jonite focused on searching for a way in order to produce a durable, strong, and attractive type of reinforced stone. Our efforts have been rewarded.

Our product features a high tensile strength that can be customized depending on a client’s specification. Furthermore, our reconstituted stone product is a material that blends well with other elements in a landscaped front lawn, pool side, or garden.

The Marriage Of Functionality And Stylishness

In addition to these, our product is quite versatile. It is available in nature-inspired designs in a wide variety of colors. Our product is proof that sustainable building materials can blend functionality and aesthetics.

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