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Using Environmental Building Materials The Green Way

The use of LINK:environmental building materials: http://www.jonite.comĀ  has received quite a bit of attention recently. With more people becoming aware of the need for environmental protection, focus has been on the use of sustainable and green materials. But just how can one define which material is environment-friendly?

The answer to this is still an ongoing research. Green building now has an expanded definition to include the entire life cycle of a building, from design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. To include environmental building materials in the design of the building, use these in construction, to ensure that these materials do not damage the environment during operation, to ensure that these can be maintained in an environmental-friendly way, and to ensure that these materials can be recycled during renovation and demolition is therefore at the very core of building green.

This raises the bar on the standards of building green. The question therefore lies on the building being commercially viable given this.

For this reason, some builders do a combination of using green materials and regular materials in the green way. For example, a regular window may be installed in a way that the window will take in sufficient light and ventilation, therefore cutting the costs of electricity used for illuminating the office space and cooling it. Every conscious effort to reduce the environmental impact of commercialization may be appreciated as going green.

Environmental Building Materials Used To Replace Steel

Jonite reinforced natural stones are environment building materials used to replace steel in applications such as grating systems, landscaping, and interior design. Jonite satisfies all phases in a building life cycle. The reinforced natural stones have been made from recycled materials, and present a reduction of 30% on carbon emission from steel manufacturing industries.

Stones are easy to maintain and do not corrode, unlike steel, therefore removing the need for chemical-based rust removers. Jonite reinforced natural stones also do not present toxicity to the soil when used as a tree grille, therefore keeping the trees or plants healthier.

Above all, Jonite reinforced natural stones are recyclable. Should the building undergo renovation or demolition, the Jonite stones could be re-used in the next edifice to be constructed.

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