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Key Attractions To Using Jonite Reinforced Natural Stone As An Environmental Building Product

With the built industry moving forward in building green projects, the Jonite reinforced natural stone is one LINK:environmental building product: http://www.jonite.comĀ  used by many residential and commercial buildings today. Jonite reinforced natural stones are widely used in landscaping, interior design, and grating systems.

Three key attractions could be said of Jonite reinforced natural stones. If you are one who would like to experience details that matter, then Jonite is for you.

Three Key Attractions For Environmental Building Product

The Majesty Of Natural Stone. The use of natural stones traces its history to the beautiful stone castles and mighty fortresses in England. But slabs of natural stones are costly. How then can you obtain a material that possesses the warm, rustic appeal of natural stones at a viable price? After years of mineral and formulation research, the Jonite reinforced natural stones provided the answer. Using a patented mass production technology, it became commercially viable to manufacture and sell Jonite reinforced natural stones.

Strength And Durability. An environmental building product like Jonite finds varied applications. Jonite stones are used in landscaping, interior design, and grating systems. Reinforced natural stones have taken the place of steel in tree grilles, pool grates, sump covers, driveway grates, and floor traps. The reinforced natural stones have the capacity to withstand floor and vehicular traffic without breakage. Indoors, Jonite reinforced natural stones are also used as decorative patterns.
A green project is made more genuinely green because of the use of reinforced natural stones in areas of the building which normally would use steel.

Sustainability Of Material. Jonite reinforced natural stone is an ideal environmental building product having been made from recycled materials. The use of stone instead of steel also reduces carbon emission from steel manufacturing industries by up to 30 percent.

A green building indicates an environmentally responsible building in the various phases of its life cycle, from design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and demolition. Using Jonite’s reinforced natural stones supports this expanded definition of a green building.

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