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Top Suggestions For The Best Floor Grate

A floor grate used to be a crucial feature of patios, pool decks, driveways and garages. These steel grids that cover water drainages were also seen in commercial and industrial settings such as pig and animal pens, marinas, factories and chemical labs, among others. They prevent floods and standing water in particular areas of people’s properties.

The options for grating material include cast iron metal, solid brass, galvanized steel, fiberglass, natural stone, and reconstituted stone. Of these six, reconstituted stone gives the greatest opportunity for architectural design. Moreover, a floor grate made of reconstituted stone lasts longer than steel which corrodes over time.

Customize Your Floor Grate

Some manufacturers accept orders for customizing a floor grate. Historical grates were made of cast iron metal or solid brass. Natural stone grates are beautiful but not strong enough. Then there are the purely functional grates devoid of aesthetic value. There is the non-slip and waterproof fiberglass grate for industrial applications. There is also the strong and durable steel grate with high load capacities. Then there is faux stone.

Reconstituted or faux stone is a newer material that allows you to play with a range of designs, from different shades and colors to traditional and modernist patterns. With reconstituted stone, the floor grate could be made to match floor material. Decorative grate patterns can be custom made to follow the overall architectural style of buildings. Moreover, the material is reinforced to loading specifications of your choice. You can use this beautiful material to decorate and protect areas in your pools, garages, pavements, patios or playgrounds.

Look Beautiful And Go Green With A Sustainable Floor Grate

To go green, all aspects of the building material must pass the test. Reconstituted stone is the most sustainable material of these six floor grating choices. One reason is the low carbon emissions in its safe manufacturing process. Another good reason why the material is deemed an eco friendly building material is the high percentage of recycled materials used.

Jonite is one company that manufactures these decorative faux stone grates. Products made of Jonite reconstituted stone include grating for trees, pools, floor traps, and sump covers.

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