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Why Reconstituted Stone Floor Grates Are #1

Floor grates are essential features of a well-designed space — whether commercial, industrial or residential. A proper building plan entails the provision of drains for channeling water out of a given area. Grates have been used as cover to keep these canals clean, presentable and safe for people. Over the years there have been a number of popular materials used for grating — ranging from the purely functional to the aesthetic, or a combination of both.

Floor Grates Made Of Steel Vs. Reconstituted Stone

Grid-like steel grating is the traditional industrial kind. It is cold and heavy, not too attractive, comes in a drab grey-metallic color, is prone to corrosion, and is a conductor of electricity. Steel floor grates are installed for the main purpose of easy maintenance of industrial spaces. Its main advantage is the strength of the material.

Floor grates made out of reconstituted stone have the strength of steel, but do not carry its disadvantages. It can be designed to carry loads up to specifications. There are grates suitable for areas with light to heavy foot traffic such as pools, as well as grates designed for floors that carry vehicular loads such as garages and driveways. You can custom order load specs for truck, bike and car traffic, all while having the warm appearance of natural stone.

Floor Grates Made Of Natural Stone Vs. Reconstituted Stone

Natural stone grates have been used before, but the material is brittle. Moreover, it cannot carry load the way steel grates can. The main reason why natural stone is such a favorite material for floor grates is its architectural design. Stone is warm and timeless. If you choose to install reconstituted stone instead as floor grating, you can have the combined advantages of strength, durability and beauty. Add sustainability to that list as well.

Reconstituted stone is an engineered material designed to look like stone but having the strength equal to steel. You can choose colors and stone designs to match your overall house d├ęcor without worrying about durability. Moreover, it is known as an environmentally friendly material. Companies like Jonite manufacture these custom designed floor grates to provide people with quality yet more sustainable products.

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