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Why Granite Grates Are Not Ideal To Use

More and more homes today are using granite stones. One of the hardest types of stone known to man, granite is popular as a building material. At home, this felsic, intrusive, igneous rock is often found used as kitchen countertops, floors and walls, bathroom tiles, and even decorative waterworks.

Indeed, granite stones are very functional. They look very stylish and elite as well so they can add a fine touch to any home. But there is a limit to its benefits and uses. For one thing, granite grates are not a good idea.

For tiles, yes, granite can be as floor tiles. In fact, it is a popular choice for all types of tiles. However as grates, they simply won’t do. Here are the reasons why: They are extremely high maintenance, they are extremely expensive compared to other materials, and most of all, they break easily.

Floor gratings are ordinarily used as drain cover, bridge decks, and filters. They are also constantly exposed to heavy weight. But granite grates will crack if it is not supported by strong beams.

Also, since granite is a porous material, it needs to be treated regularly with sealant to prevent infiltration of water. As grates as normally used to prevent flooding in a property, granite grates will not be able to do the job that it is supposed to do well. It likewise needs to be maintained every now and then with a neutral pH balance cleaner to retain the polish of its surface.

Reconstituted Stones As Alternative To Granite Grates

It is more likely that owners find the beauty of granite fitting to their property that’s why they tend to favor it over other materials. And while it is ideal to use in the kitchen, bathroom, or for water displays, there is a much better alternative material to granite.

Jonite’s reconstituted stones offer the same aesthetic appeal, but are more suited to be used as grates. The strength of Jonite grates, their sustainability, and their beauty are perfect qualities that one needs for in grates.

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