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Grating Steel

Grating Steel : A Thing Of The Past

Grating steel was once the most feasible option for architecture, construction, and industrial purposes. Being sturdy enough to handle moving and static weight, steel grates were once naturally preferred over any other alternative. Coupled with the fact that they are easily mass produced, these sorts of gratings are easily the most accessible option for buyers. However, the process in which the material is made may be as unfriendly as it is to consumers as it is to the environment.

Disadvantages Of Grating Steel

Carbon emissions are produced by industrial processes and steel grating production. Environmentalists and eco-movements reiterate the harm done by such emissions and advocate the use of products which do not cause excessive emissions during production.

Jonite is a company that aims to address the need for a green alternative to commercial products, which are said to have the ability to damage the environment in the long run. The use of reinforced stones for commercial purposes was once thought of as unlikely as whole stone slabs were difficult to cut to be used by the masses. Other more accessible variants of stones however can be cut into different shapes and pieces.

A New Solution To Old Grating Steel

A major downside though is the limited strength of these products, making them brittle and a poor option for long term use. Jonite, on the other hand, is both aesthetically appealing and sturdy enough to be crafted into a variety of products such as channel grates, tree grates, pool grates, creative grates, floor traps, sump covers, as well as other especially crafted grates to suit customers’ needs and preferences. That itself is a major plus in comparison to old style grating steel.

Jonite products turn old style grating steel production into a thing of the past with both their sturdiness and versatility. Old style stonecraft can be replicated through Jonite. The only difference with the real thing would be Jonite’s capability to handle both static and moving weight due to its unique method of reinforcing stones.

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