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Landscape Trees

Enhancing Landscape Trees With Grates

Trees bring not only beauty to a property but also shade and privacy. Landscape trees can also add economic value to a property, especially when chosen well. With drastically changing weather nowadays, trees can cut down energy costs by buffering temperatures and weather changes.

How To Choose Landscape Trees

Several considerations are taken when choosing landscape trees. One of them is the size of the property. The choices are narrowed down to the kinds of trees that can fit in a particular property size. Their forms are taken into account, too. Trees can complement the property design with the kind of silhouette they provide. They can be oval, spreading, weeping, upright, pyramidal, columnar or rounded.

Their growth is also an important factor. Some trees grow at a slow, steady space while others grow fast.

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing Landscape Trees

The root structures of trees are also considered. Do they grow near the ground and push up the soil? Or do they grow deep? Landscape designers usually pick those trees with deep root systems because they don’t compete with the lawn and are able to stay rooted despite strong winds.

Another consideration is the location of the property. Landscape properties located in the city can be surrounded by cemented areas and there may be little ground for them to grow.

Functional, Customizable And Sustainable Landscape Trees

Jonite reconstituted stone grates, a product innovation that contains recyclable formulations, can help ease such situations. Tree grates made from reinforced natural stones can provide space for trees to grow in tight areas without easily breaking. They can also maximize area usage by providing enough space for the trees’ rooting systems, while also making it available for pedestrian traffic.

Apart from skirting rooting problems, Jonite can also add a distinctive appeal to properties. The beauty of landscape trees can be enhanced through the natural look that Jonite stone grates exude. At night, trees can still exhibit an interesting glow by installing light bulbs on the tree grate’s built-in ports.

The quality of construction materials is typically determined by their mechanical and aesthetic values. But with the innovation that is evident in every Jonite product, it’s apt to check product quality in terms of sustainability as well.

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