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New Drain Product

New Drain Product Made From A Breakthrough Material

A company’s research and development team is essential especially with consumers who are always on the lookout for new products which are more cost-efficient, durable, environment-friendly, and versatile. Companies always work towards inventing or creating products, which outshine existing ones.

Nowadays, manufacturers not only take into account the desires of consumers but also the conservation of our natural resources. This holds true for the creators of Jonite stone. This breakthrough product, made from reconstituted stone, is mainly used for drain grates. This new drain product is fitting for home pools and even the city sidewalks.

Why This New Drain Product Deserves Your Attention

What this new drain product created from Jonite stone guarantees is durability, stylishness and functionality. Drains are there to prevent flooding or water accumulation. Yet, they need not look plain and unsightly. Jonite’s new drain product prevents flooding, but it is also stylish enough to add elegance to the area where it is installed. The stone drain grate comes in different colors and patterns, too. With this new drain product, corrosion and color fading are not causes of worry.

Apart from being decorative, this new drain product is certainly durable. These stone drain grates hold up to the wear and tear process brought by constant exposure to water and sunlight. What’s more, Jonite stone can be reinforced to withstand even the toughest condition BS-EN has set. Hence, there is a Jonite drain grate available to withstand extreme pressure like drain grates for airfield pavements.

Passing the slip resistance and water absorption tests, Jonite stone gives you a drain grate which not only eco-friendly but also safe.

Let Jonite’s New Drain Product Grace Your Home

Striking a balance between durability and aesthetics, Jonite’s new drain product is perfect for swimming pools, driveways, sidewalks, etc. Moreover, it is environment-friendly.

Indeed, Jonite stone is a breakthrough product paving the way for more great sustainable building materials, like this decorative stone drain product which banners durability, functionality, sustainability and elegance. Bring it to your homes now!

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