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Recycled Building Materials

Old Versus New Recycled Building Materials

People usually associate the word recycle with the word “old.” This is not always the case. LINK:Recycled building materials:, for example, can mean re-using materials from an existing building to the current one under construction, therefore being “old,” or using new materials which were manufactured from recycled components.

The stigma associated with “old” recycled materials is that you may not eventually end up with a design you like. You do not want to have a house that looks hodge podge, but if you are just building from materials which you obtained from a local dump, then you reduce your chance of ending up with a hodge podge building unless you are really crafty.

But who says you need to do it this way? You can instead find materials which are new, and which have been made from recycled materials, which means they can also be recycled after you renovate the house or demolish it. This way, you are being more genuinely green.

Jonite reinforced natural stones work this way. Made from recycled materials, they are environment friendly as they reduce the need to cut off slabs of genuine natural stones. Having undergone rigid and painstaking mineral formulation research, Jonite reinforced natural stones provide the appeal of natural stones at a commercially viable price. A patented production technology ensures that each Jonite reinforced natural stone is environment-friendly when it comes to use and maintenance as well.

Recycled Building Materials Give Your Building A Refreshing Look

You can use recycled building materials and still give your building a refreshing look that is not too modern to feel “cold.” Jonite reinforced natural stones are best applied as tree grilles, pool grates, sump covers, driveway grates, and even interior wall decours.

Another quality of Jonite’s reinforced natural stones is its effect on storm water erosion. Water does not cause it to erode hazardous content, making surface water cleaner and less toxic.

You might think that steel parts can be recycled building materials too, and you are right. However in using Jonite reinforced natural stone as alternative to steel, you reduce 30% carbon emission from steel manufacturing industries; this is a very good way to help with environmental protection.

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