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Building Green Homes By Using Materials With Recycled Content

The move towards environment-friendly home and building construction is laudable. But it is a feat that requires higher than usual standards. To be truly green, a building has to be green throughout its entire life cycle, from design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. In essence, a building that leaves no negative effect on the environment even after it has been torn down is certified green.

LINK:Recycled content: http://www.jonite.comĀ  in building materials may be appreciated as a good indicator of being green. Jonite reinforced natural stones are made from recycled materials. These are applied in landscaping, grating systems, and interior decours. This means that if a building which used Jonite reinforced natural stones is renovated or demolished, the stones can still be recycled therefore conserving the use of rapidly depleting natural resources.

The use of materials made from recycled content also flows well with the environment. This means there is close to nil toxicity presented to the environment because the formulation of the material is very close to nature. Green buildings are not only constructed green, they also operate green.

Using Jonite reinforced natural stones, therefore, is a better alternative to steel tree grilles, sump covers, or pool and driveway grates. Steel, when presented with elements such as sun and water, can rust. Rust is not only unpleasant to the eyes, but it also increases the toxicity of the soil. Imagine the effect of this to the trees. Moreover, steel manufacturing industries contribute huge amount of carbon emission which causes global warming.

Key To Successfully Installing Recycled Content

The key to successfully installing building materials with recycled content is the technology and formulation employed to achieve it. It is logical to think that recycled material may weaken overtime, but how the formulation behind reinforcing it makes it a viable material for re use.

With Jonite reinforced natural stones, you can build a truly green home and office.

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