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Residential Landscape Design

Choosing Materials For Residential Landscape Design

Residential properties are landscaped to enhance the quality of the homeowners’ lives. Aesthetic considerations are important, but they are only secondary. (An) effective residential landscape design thus involves careful planning and selection of the elements that are suitable for the residential environment.

A residential landscape can have aesthetic, economic, functional and environmental values. Conducting site analysis and developing a base plan are both necessary to give substance to these values. Site analysis helps determine the existing structural and elemental features of the property. Selection of landscape features, on the other hand, becomes easier when the base plan has been created.

Factors To Be Considered When Designing Residential Landscapes

Landscape designers consider several things when choosing construction materials. While they may have distinct tastes, they also have shared preferences. Prime considerations are the functionality, sustainability, affordability and aesthetic value of the material. If stone grates are needed in a residential landscape design, the best choice would be those products that meet people’s need for a comfortable and delightful surrounding without incurring great damages to the environment.

Ideal Construction Materials For Residential Landscape Designs

Sustainable design is the umbrella term that represents several terms including, but not limited to, construction waste minimization, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and site preservation. Jonite’s selection of sustainable products provides homeowners and landscape designers with easy access to ecological, economical and creative building products.

Jonite’s reconstituted stones consist of 30% recycled materials to lessen carbon emissions. Carbon emission(s) (are) is the chief reason of global warming. Opting for stone grates instead of steel and fiberglass grates is thus more environmentally friendly.

The opportunity for Jonite to provide sustainable building and landscape products is never coincidental. This in fact is a result of the deliberate effort to promote sustainability by building a committed research team and enhancing technological edge as well. Besides, homeowners and landscape designers are becoming more conscious with the environmental impact of the materials they choose for their residential landscape design.

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