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Steel Grate

Why Go For A Greener Alternative To Steel Grate?

Steel grate has been the traditional construction material used by the majority of establishments due to its wide availability and also perhaps due to lack of publicity of any other alternative. However, the production of steel grates entails more cons than people know. Iron processing and steel production, for instance, promote the release of industrial greenhouse gases which cause a domino effect leading to global warming.

The Future Of Steel Grate As A Construction Material

Jonite has found a great alternative to traditional steel grates. Since natural stones which are available only in slabs are an impractical commercial option while reconstituted stones are too unstable to meet safety standards despite their aesthetic appeal, the company spent four years in research to find a viable solution and arrived at Jonite itself. Due to the lack of current machines which can mass produce Jonite, the company devoted itself to developing facilities to produce more of it.

Jonite gives the same feel of old stone castles but without the possibilities of wear and tear. Thus Jonite reinforced stone grates satisfy both the practical and aesthetic factors. Unlike conventional steel grates, Jonite’s design services allow standard products like pool grates, channel grates, sump grates, floor traps and tree grates to be fully customizable.

“Eco-friendlier” Than Steel Grate Materials

Traditional steel grates make a lot more carbon emissions than especially crafted Jonite products do. Also, Jonite gratings contain 30% of recycled material in the finished product. This innovative replacement for steel grates even caught the eye of the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore Green Mark scheme. This means that Jonite grates have passed the accreditation for eco-friendly products.

Conventional steel grate may be a more viable or common product but reinforced stone grates come with enhanced and better features. Even the most typical products found in Jonite’s catalogue can be specifically altered in order to satisfy a buyer’s preferences. Sustainability, durability, aesthetics taste as well as environmentally safe features are only among the few things that Jonite grates have which make them a lot better than typical steel grates.

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