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Stone Grates

Stone Grates – The Best Choice In Grates System

Steel may be the most common material used for grates because of its durability and resilience to wear and tear, but many architects are now using natural stones because of the aesthetic quality it brings to the whole structure. And while natural stones can impart a dramatic style, it does not have the strength and capabilities of steel. To bring the practicality of steel and the beauty of natural stones together, Jonite has developed reconstituted stone grates that have the advantages of both materials.

Jonite’s reconstituted stones are compliant with international standards, including BS EN 124.1994. Each reinforced grate has been tested for tensile, compression, and flexural strength. It has also passed elastic modulus test, which measures its resistance to deformity and strain when placed under stress.

Stone grates also have low water absorption and are slip and bacteria resistant for added safety.

Reconstituted stone grates are not only durable and long-lasting, they also exude elegance and class, creating accent to architectural designs.

The stone grates are created to stand out and enhance the artistic value of your property, not just blend into the background like other gratings. Jonite grates are also fully customizable to let architects formulate new and creative artistic designs according to their vision.

This is possible with the help of Jonite Design Services and its Research and Development Team. Both present a one-stop support service that assists architects in every process, from developing design concept to the final physical product.

Moreover, Jonite products are LEED Label certified and has Green Label Certification for its low carbon emissions by The Building Construction Authority of Singapore.

Steel grates are a thing of the past. They may be sturdy, but they have limited features. Natural stone grates, meanwhile, have hazardous disadvantages. To capture both the durability of steel grates and the beauty of natural stones, use the best and most practical material there is. Use Jonite’s stone reinforced grates.

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