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Sustainable Architectural Materials

Sustainable Architectural Materials For A Better Home And A Better World

Building a house is tantamount to securing the future of your family. Yet, the future everyone looks forward to continues to look bleak with the degrading condition of our planet. The sad fact is that the building of houses, and even the existing houses, largely contribute to carbon- emissions in the atmosphere.

There is no need to fret, though. Sustainable architecture is here to make it possible for you to have a home without causing harm to our one planet. Sustainable architecture, also known as green architecture, is about coming up with efficient building designs, which have little or no negative impact on the environment. It utilizes energy-saving and sustainable architectural materials.

What Exactly Are Sustainable Architectural Materials?

Sustainable architectural materials do not just pertain to recycled or re-used building products like sand stone. They also come from renewable sources, which means they can be replenished or grown faster like bamboo. Unlike hardwood, which takes decades to be full-grown, bamboo, a type of grass, can be harvested in three years. Hence, it is becoming a popular choice for home floorings.

It is also essential that a building material use less or no energy for its transportation. Hence, sustainable architectural materials are sourced locally. An example is adobe which uses little or sometimes no energy in transporting since it’s found anywhere even in the building site.

Breaking Misconceptions About Sustainable Architectural Materials

Despite more builders embracing green architecture, many homeowners are wary about going “green” mainly due to several misconceptions. One is that, using recycled building materials result to less durable homes. Busting this misconception is Jonite, which is reconstituted stone, used as grates. Though created from recycled stones, Jonite is as durable as steel.

Then, there’s the thought that sustainable architectural materials result to less elegant structures. Homes with bamboo or cork flooring exude the same elegance as hardwood flooring. Bamboo floors even cool the house by letting air seep in.

Using sustainable architectural materials for your home ensures the safety not only of your family but also of the planet. It would not hurt to go green and join everyone in saving the planet, would it?

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