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Tree Grate Design

About Tree Grate Design

Grates are structures that always go with drainages. Grates are essentially structures of long parallel bars held together in some way. Carpentry designs are full of grates. Drain coverings in pavements and roadsides are full of grates. A prison cell’s one side, usually only one open side, is lined with grates.

When we talk about tree grate design, this usually involves the integration of trees in their urban environments. It is providing space for the tree to grow while allowing for some considerable pedestrian traffic over the tree planting area. In this case, grates would be surfaces that cover a pre-determined radius measurement around the tree, usually a few inches or feet. Grates also act as suppressors of unwanted weed growths around the tree area as well as protection against trash accumulation around trees.

Materials for Tree Grate Design

Tree grate design materials are as varied as the designs themselves, although they are all versions of steel, plastic, fiberglass, and stone grates. Steel is tough, hard and durable; fiberglass is lighter in weight but also tough, hard and durable; plastic is the most lightweight. These three materials have one major drawback––they are not eco-friendly and tend to harm the environment. The production of steel has harmful chemical residues and carbon that harms the ozone; fiberglass and plastics are non-biodegradable and would end up as landfills.

Stone Grates – Best Material for Tree Grate Design

Stone grates are 30% recyclable materials. When reconstituted, it can be reinforced to meet the BS EN 124 strength. When done so, it can withstand weights of up to 40 tons! Also, manufacturing stone grates do not have harmful chemical residues or carbon. So it is a great step to protect mother earth. Furthermore, it is biodegradable and blends perfectly with nature!

Tree grates using stone grates can be customized for any design. As such, they are truly eco-friendly. Choose wisely. Choose for the world!

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