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Setting Up Tree Grates Around Plants To Uphold The Real Reason For Mixing Nature And The Urban Setting

There are many reasons why in a very busy and highly-developed urbanized city, there are plants and trees that are added to the environment. It may be because of the relaxing ambiance plants bring to the competitive corporate atmosphere or to add soft touches to an otherwise steely gray setting. But trees and plants are added in an urban setting for one main reason: to integrate nature in our chaotic modern world.

Planting trees around concrete grounds will be all for naught if the tree grates we use do more harm than good to the environment. Manufacturing process for the steel grills used for tree protection, whether it is set up as a fence or as a grate, produces high carbon emissions. Needless to say, if your main purpose of planting trees around your property is to contribute to the environment, putting up steel grates around them won’t do much good.

Grates built around trees should not only solve the rooting problem of plants effectively, but they should also be environmentally friendly.

That’s where Jonite tree grates come in. Jonite aims to drastically reduce carbon emissions during production by incorporating at least thirty percent recycled content in their products. Jonite is also Green Label certified, which means it meets the Singapore Environment Council’s requirements, and is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.

Advantages Of Using Jonite Tree Grates

Aside from being environmentally friendly, tree grating products from Jonite are made from reconstituted stones, which natural stone properties effectively synthesize with the surroundings. Unlike their steel alternative, they are more aesthetically pleasing, and can blend in with or even enhance the architectural design of the property.

Also, as every exterior and interior design is unique, Jonite understands the need for customization. Here, you can ask for custom sizes, colors, textures, and patterns to fit the look you envision for your property.

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