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Trench Drain

How To Beautify With A Trench Drain

The trench drain is somewhat like any ordinary floor drain, with a few distinguishing features. It is characteristically a long, narrow strip of waterproof material. The top grating is always installed flush with the floor.

This canal functions to evacuate ground water and other liquids away from a hardscape area. It then channels or guides the water into soft ground. This is where the ground naturally absorbs the water. This type of drain is also employed in containing chemical and other substance spills in industrial spaces.

You see trench gratings around sidewalks and streets. They are also common within housing developments and industrial complexes. This type of drain is also needed in building patios, driveways and swimming pool decks.

Hardscapes And The Trench Drain

For paved and cemented areas called hardscapes, a trench drain solves drainage problems. Water that is normally just absorbed into the ground needs to be channeled out into the proper places. This little detail is important in preventing flooding and pooling of water in unwelcome areas. Such flooding is a common problem with hardscapes. However, it is easily solved with proper planning and the help of trench drain.

Drains of this type is utilitarian in nature. Consequently, most of the designs look solid and unattractive. However, you can choose to install decorative drains. These more ornamental drain designs are suitable for some areas of residential houses, for designer buildings, and for landscaped hardscapes. Jonite offers beautiful stone grating just for this purpose.

Trench Drain Material

Common materials used in making this type of drain are pre-cast concrete, form-in-place concrete, or liners made of fiberglass, metal, polymer concrete, or structural plastic. Installation of this type of drain has different processes, depending on the type material listed above.

Jonite drain gratings make use of reinforced stone as its material. Instead of the usual ugly industrial steel, with Jonite you can have beautiful natural looking stone as drain grating. With this little change in material, it nonetheless radically changes the entire atmosphere and appearance of your surroundings. Furthermore, Jonite drain gratings are famously known to be environmentally sound.

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