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Pool Channel Grate

A Pool Channel Grate: One Important Detail To A Green Swimming Pool

Swimming is great activity for people of all ages.

For adults, it is a very relaxing exercise. Aside from being an excellent sport, it reduces fat in the body. For some people, it is a good way work out the lungs, too.

For children, swimming is a fun way to stay cool, especially during hot days. They can splash about in the water with their siblings, cousins and friends.

Definitely, a swimming pool is a great addition to one’s home.

Swimming Pool Basics Include A Pool Channel Grate

A typical swimming pool has the following components: basin; motor pump; water filter; chemical feeder; drains; and returns. A PVC plastic plumbing connects all these elements.

These are all needed to allow the water to continuously move from the filter and maintain regular temperature. The regular movement to the filter also paves the way for cleaning the pool’s water.

The water, for that matter, is regularly and constantly cleaned through chemical feeders and chlorine. The latter actually keeps it bacteria-free.

The drain system is often laid at the lower end of the pool. This is so the water flows easily through the drains. These, in turn, should be covered with grates so that people who are swimming do not get caught up in them.

A good quality grate to utilize nowadays is a Jonite pool channel grate.

The Qualities Of A Jonite Pool Channel Grate

The Jonite pool channel grate is a product of design ingenuity and materials engineering.

Thanks to its small elliptical holes and thin slots a Jonite pool channel grate is safe, especially for toddlers. See, their toes will never be in danger of being trapped in the grating.

Another quality feature of the Jonite pool channel grate is its consistency of color. This is due to its property of having low water absorption – only 0.5%. Thus, the grating maintains its color even when it comes in contact with the water in the swimming pool.

The Jonite pool channel grate comes in 25 mm to 30 mm thickness and is compatible with a drain width of 190 mm to 300 mm.

Using a Jonite pool channel grate enhances the swimming pool’s quality of being green, or environment friendly since it is made of reconstituted stone.

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