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Use Jonite Pool Drain Covers To Make Your Swimming Pool A Testament To Environmentally Sound Practices

Thanks to Jonite – cutting edge design and advance materials engineering – swimming pools in the home can actually support environmental sustainability.

Swimming pools are always a welcome amenity to any home. It gives an aura of resort chic and sophistication to any abode. Plus, it offers a venue for entertaining friends, neighbors and even colleagues from work.

However, people in the green building community often question the sustainability of such a home amenity.

One issue, of course, is water. After all, a swimming pool needs water to be functional. One study in the past has said that a home with a swimming pool uses 58% more water than a one without.

Energy usage is another concern. On the average, the pool’s pump utilizes up to 4,200 Kwh hour per year versus the water heater’s 2,225 Kwh annually.

Another concern is the safety of the people, especially, children, when they are enjoying themselves in these backyard pools. In the absence of lifeguards on duty or qualified swimmers, who are actually equipped in the home to look after young swimmers?

The Qualities Jonite Pool Drain Covers

Jonite pool drain covers pave the way for home swimming pools for be environment-friendly.

Considered the latest in decorative drain grating, Jonite pool drain covers are also the most earth-friendly, by far. Why? Because they are made of Jonite, or reinforced natural stones.

Jonite pool drain covers are of two types – BabyPebbles or ChiseledRain. Each are designed to keep little toes from being trapped in pool drains – BabyPebbles have small elliptical holes while ChiseledRain are thinly slotted.

Jonite pool drain covers also support the aesthetics of a swimming pool. For one thing, they come in a wide array of colors. Shades, hues and patterns can even be customized.

And because water absorption is only 0.5%, these gratings maintain their color despite coming in contact with the pool water. This benefit is not provided for by natural granite and stone slabs.

Indeed, Jonite pool drain covers are necessity in every swimming pool.

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