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If Trees Could Only Speak: Installing An Earth-Friendly Tree Grille

When it was first introduced, a tree grille was installed surrounding the root and trunk of a newly planted or transplanted tree for the sole purpose of protecting the tree from being uprooted by accident or by vandals. Early manufacturers of tree grilles focused only on this purpose, thus, tree grilles were made of steel or aluminum and other sturdy materials.

While this introductory effort is noteworthy, recent development in the manufacture of tree grille and guards involved more earth-friendly ways to protect the tree, and at the same time, beautifully complement the architectural landscape of the area where the tree is planted.

A tree grille made from reinforced reconstituted stones is now available. Jonite eco-friendly stone materials derived inspiration from the natural stones used in building the sturdy, august, and majestic castles of England. But since the real castle stones are expensive, painstaking research and development allowed the manufacture of reconstituted stone-based solutions like tree grille and grates.

Before mass production of Jonite stone-based tree grilles, the genius minds behind Jonite only produced the tree grille manually, thereby and with utmost patience, perfecting the final product. Another milestone was achieved in coming up with a proprietary technology involving vacuum and compression which preserved the highest standard and quality of each reinforced stone tree grille despite mass production.

The result is a tree grille that not only allows the tree roots to breathe, but also using earth-friendly base material. Jonite stone tree grilles are as sturdy as steel-based grilles and are highly dependable in keeping tree roots from cracking concrete surfaces. Jonite stone tree grilles are also customisable to match the beautiful landscape design of any building, and can easily be set up for nighttime illumination and other effects.

Veering away from standard mould, creative minds behind Jonite reconstituted stones supply or complement your vision for unique shapes and sizes that make the tree grilles a cut above the rest. The tree grilles are also designed to easily accommodate embossing of corporate or local government insignia.

Truly, the measure of quality is in the details. And for the earth-friendly, conscientious, and not to mention, tree-loving builder, a Jonite stone tree grille is simply perfect.

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