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Trench Cover Plate

What Is A Trench Cover Plate?

Trenches are excavations on the ground where the soils from the diggings are used as borders by the sides of the excavation. At times, the soils from the diggings are piled elsewhere to maintain the evenness of the terrain from where the excavation took place. In these cases, some covering is needed to cover the excavation. So a trench cover plate is a cover over the excavation.

Trenches are made for various purposes. During world wars, the major purpose of trenches were as “defense pits” for soldiers where the soils from the diggings were compacted in sacks and piled as borders on the front side of the excavation (to serve as shields from enemy fire). Today, drainages are the major purpose of trenches. They are included in driveways, pools, landscapes and gardens, and even in major highways where vehicular and pedestrian traffic are very heavy!

What Materials Make Up A Trench Cover Plate?

A trench cover plate may be made up of several materials like steel, plastic, fiberglass, and stone grates. Steel is hard, tough, and durable; fiberglass is a lightweight version of steel and is for small to medium-sized trenches; plastic is lightweight and is recommended for small trenches.

All these materials, however, are not eco-friendly and tend to harm the ecology in the long run. Steel undergoes a two-step purifying process that results in excessive chemical residues and carbon which harms the ozone. Fiberglass and plastics are not biodegradable and will end up as landfills.

Stone Grates – The Best Material For A Trench Cover Plate

For a trench cover, stone grates is the best material. It is eco-friendly and blends well with the natural environment. It fits for all trench sizes. Reconstituted stone grates have the BS EN 124 strength according to international standards. It is 30% recyclable materials and has no harmful chemical residue in its processing.
Be among those who choose for the world’s good!

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