Decorative composite stone gratings and panels Jonite

Custom Design Solutions

Jonite products can be tailor made to suit any application such as pool grates, tree grates, trench grates, toilet grates and street furniture that are suitable for any environment.

  • Custom applications
  • Tailored load requirements
  • Unique patterns and aesthetics
  • Colours that match your project
  • A plethora of size options


Wondering how Jonite can help solve the demands of your project creatively and cost-effectively? Our customisation team of R&D experts can guide you on the process and work with you.


Decorative reinforced stone custom grates and panels


The design team will have an in-depth discussion with you about your goals and vision as to how Jonite panels can fit into your overall design plans. During this time, we will also ensure that there is both material feasibility and cost efficiency before moving forward.

Decorative reinforced stone custom grates and panels


Upon receiving details in terms of the design or application effect you’d like to achieve, the design team will work to conceptualise the ideas. Depending on the time you have set aside for customisation, the team may suggest modifications on our current existing line of products, or create a brand new design.

Design & Testing

Our designers will create designs and run stress tests if necessary. During this stage, renderings will be made so that you would be able to visualise the concept fully. Upon receiving your feedback, adjustments can be made to make sure that our designs perfectly encapsulate your vision.


Once all of the requirements are satisfied, we will seek final sign off before commencing production. At this point in time, we can fully support with any shop drawings required to make sure that all details are captured for the successful completion of your project.


Upon securing the necessary approvals, we will commence with production. Here at Jonite, we practice Just-In-Time production for all of our products, and are fully capable of making sure we can deliver within the lead time specified. Our experienced sales consultants can help assist to make sure that delivery is on-time for the project.


Customisable areas for Jonite


We have helped architects create street furniture, ventilation grilles that also serve as a walking platform, decorative shopfront wall panels and more.
Customisable loading specifications from pedestrian to heavy vehicles

Load Specifications

Our design team can help suggest ways to reinforce our already-strong grates during the manufacturing process.
Jonite can custom make net open areas for improved ventilation

Open Area

You can customise the open areas for our reinforced stone grates so as to fit the design demands for gratings like ventilation grilles.
Customise reinforced stone colours and textures for the perfect design finish

Colours & Textures

Our unique composite stone material enables you to choose any hue or texture to perfectly express your creativity.
Create new patterns for a unique design identity


Be it sleek elegance, or playful modernity, you can achieve the perfect look by choosing to customise the patterns of any of our products.
Change shapes and sizes to fit your specific project requirement


Have a unique design vision which calls for curved drainage covers or odd shapes or sizes? You can customise any Jonite design to specific dimensions to cut down on construction inefficiencies.

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