ESS shower drain installed in a wet shower

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ESS is designing, developing and producing sanitary solutions since 1928 with commitment to excellent quality. All products are extensively tested, to ensure a long-lasting life in your bathroom.

  • 100% Waterproof
  • 10-year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to clean

Shower drain designs

We believe in a barrier-free world, a place of no restrictions. Easy Drain shower drain solution is the culmination of that dream. There is a shower drain for every type of bathroom project, you can find it here.

These are high-quality drains that give a simple elegance to any bathroom. Linear shower drains cut a clean line across a shower, drawing in and taking away the water. This is a non-intrusive yet effective method for drainage. The simplicity of design makes the shower accessible while still maintaining a high level of drainage capacity. This ensures that you do not have to compromise when it comes to crafting the perfect shower.

These drains come in a variety of different options so you can match a specific drain with a specific project. Whether your shower uses ceramic tile, natural stone, or other floorings, there is a drain type for you. These drains also come in a variety of different aesthetic options. You can customize the style and the material to suit your needs. This diverse range of options means that, no matter what your situation, these drains can help make your dream project a reality.

rectangular Easy Drain in a shower next to two bottles
Easy Drain shower drain solution in a shower
diamond shower drain installed in a shower
rectangular ESS shower drain in the floor of a modern shower

Point Drains

We have the perfect point drain for any project. Whether it’s an unexpectedly elegant take on a conventional round drain or a surprisingly intriguing square drain or triangle drain.

Point drains accomplish their job from a single point within your shower. This opens up options when it comes to the placement of a drain. You can choose to highlight it by featuring it prominently in the shower's centre or hide it by sequestering it off in a corner. The choice is yours when it comes to this drain type.

The drain types available further the range of choices. There are bold or minimalist designs that can either stand out or hide in a shower's centre. These options are available as either circles or squares, depending on the style you are looking for. Meanwhile, a triangle drain could fit perfectly in a shower's corner.

No matter the situation, there is a point drain out there that will fit. On top of all of this, these drains are effective and made from high-quality materials. The stainless steel design is guaranteed to last for years and the antimicrobial features emphasize hygiene.

point drain installed in the corner of a shower
ESS point drain in shower floor
square ESS point drain in the floor of a shower
square ESS point drain in a shower floor

Shower Boards & Waterproofing

With an Easy Board it is easy to create the perfect shower floor. Furthermore, Easy Boards offer a 10-year warranty when combined with our revolutionary Self-adhesive Sealing set (SAM) or Wet Area Sealing Set.

These shower boards are the ultimate option when it comes to all-in-one installation. For most drain types, you need to consider the slope of your shower, the specific placement of the drain, and a multitude of other small options. The Easy Board eliminates these worries by providing the whole package all at once. It is the perfect option for those looking to streamline the otherwise complex shower installation experience.

While simple to install, these shower boards still have room for customization. You can pick the drain and finish the design for your shower board. This ensures that your Easy Board complements the design of your entire bathroom.

Plus, the SAM sealing system provides a great waterproofing option for your shower board. The SAM system combines elastic foam technology, an anti-bacterial film, fleece-free impact bonding, and more to produce an unparalleled experience. This is an advanced system that is also guaranteed for 100% water tightness. All of this means that you can rest easy knowing your new shower is secure.

Self-adhesive Sealing Set shower boards installed in a shower area with multiple stalls
rectangular ESS drain and shower board installed in a shower
ESS Shower board in a shower

Pool Line

In addition to Easy Drain shower drains, a special drain is developed for pools and spas. This drain has integrated waterproofing and a height-adjustable frame.

The area surrounding a pool is prone to receiving water from the pool itself. This water can seep into other locations and is even a slipping hazard on its own. This is why proper drainage around the pool is critical.

These drains are effective and come with advanced technology that helps get the job done. The patented Water Protection System (WPS) utilizes a waterproofing membrane to eliminate leaking. Meanwhile, the height-adjustable feet ensure that the drain starts out and remains level. There is even a special mounting kit for drains installed against a wall.

All of this technology makes the installation and maintenance of these pool drains far easier. The adjustable feet reduce the time you need to spend levelling the drain both during and after installation. The 100% watertight waterproofing ensures that you do not have to worry about leaks damaging the surrounding area. Together, these factors create a product that is hard to beat and is built to last.

swimming pool using ESS drains
pool line on a pool deck

Wall Niches

Container series wall niches enhance your bathroom design and provide a place to conveniently stow all your shampoos, shower gels and other bathroom items.

Container series wall niches create a non-intrusive alcove for you to store anything and everything. They are easy to install and instantly provide space-saving opportunities. This is helpful anywhere but can be particularly helpful in smaller bathrooms. They also eliminate the need for shelving units, which can be unsightly and can even reduce the accessibility of a space.

These wall niches come in a variety of different styles. Some stand out from the wall, some sink into the wall, and some even disappear behind the wall. Meanwhile, the finish options range from elegant wood to sleek stainless steel. This allows a wall niche to stand out or blend in, depending on what you are looking for.

There are also plenty of options available for practicality. Wall niches are available in different dimensions depending on the size of your project. If you choose to cover a niche, you can cover it with a mirror, an integrated LED, or more. You can even choose to apply sealant to make your wall niche waterproof.

wall niches next to a shower and toilet in a modern bathroom
multiple ESS wall niches in a bathroom
Jonite wall niche in a shower holding 1 bottle
ESS wall niches in a kitchen
ESS wall niche in shower

Bathroom Accessories

Create more storage space in your bathroom with the unique Container series. Conveniently stow your toilet paper rolls, toilet brush and other items out of sight!

ROLL and Container ROLL niches are a great way to store away your toilet paper while still having it easy to access. These options sink into the wall to get your toilet paper dispenser out of the way. However, they are still open to dispensing what you need. Some of these options even allow you to store excess toilet paper, further opening up storage opportunities.

T-ROLL niches are perfect for hiding away toilet brushes, waste bins, or even more toilet paper. All of these items can be hidden away behind the niches' push-to-open door. These niches also sink into the wall, giving you even more space. On top of all of this, you can choose from several high-quality finishes for the door, allowing it to blend in with the rest of the room.

Together, all of these niches help prevent unsightly objects from being visible in your bathroom without compromising practicality. This makes your bathroom effective while giving it a sleek and uncluttered look.

ESS bathroom accessories installed in a modern bathroom
Jonite ESS accessories installed in a bathroom
T-ROLL bathroom accessory installed next to a toilet

Why choose Easy Drain?

Create more storage space in your bathroom with the unique Container series. Conveniently stow your toilet paper rolls, toilet brush and other items out of sight!

Easy Drain combines elegant design with advanced practicality. These high-quality products are at the forefront of their field and have the reliability to back up their effectiveness.

ESS, the company behind Easy Drain, is a constant innovator. Their products make strides in waterproofing, adaptability, hygiene, and much more. They also have a legacy within their craft, as they have been in business since 1928. When looking for drains, you can be sure that Easy Drain will be at the cutting edge of technology.

Easy Drain products also come with options that will suit your project. Depending on the product, you can choose the size, the material, the design, or the finish. Their offerings can fit exactly what you are looking for.

Easy Drain is also high-quality and reliable. These products are extensively tested to ensure they will withstand the passage of time. This has earned them a range of certifications for local building regulations. Many Easy Drain products even come with guarantees to further ensure longevity.


Water Protection System

Easy Drains are set-up with a pre-assembled sealing membrane that offers a 10-year warranty and is preferred by professionals worldwide.


Tile Adjustable Frame

Easy Drains have a frame that is adjustable at the time of tiling, which eliminates guesswork, creates a finished edge, and ensures a perfect fit with any thickness of floor material.


Easy to clean

Easy Drain shower drains come with an easy to clean built-in set, grate and siphon providing maximum hygiene in your bathroom.



Easy Drain shower drains are tested and certified according to local building regulations like EN 1253, DIN 18534, cUPC, CE, Sintef and SIA.


More finishes

We produce some amazing finishes, to make your bathroom look extra great. You can even get a gold finish for your shower drain.

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