Reinforced stone trench grating

Trench Grates

Natural reinforced stone trench grates, a modern finish that complements any city’s hardscape. With Jonite channel and trench grates, even the humble grate can be elevated to match your design.

  • Slip resistant
  • Rust & corrosion resistant
  • BS EN 124:2015 & 1433:2008 compliant
  • Dielectric properties with excellent electric insulator
  • Less heat absorbent than traditional ferrous grates
  • LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building certified

Loading Specifications

Class A15 - Class D400
  • Some Jonite products are built for pedestrian usage
  • Jonite incorporates ADA-certified grates in our range of products for greater accessibility
  • Jonite stone reinforced grates and panels with loading class specifications for vehicles class B2
  • Jonite's range of products also include grates that can withstand Class C vehicle loads
  • Jonite produces a range of high loading-performance grates and panels that can withstand class Dvehicular loads

Trench Drain Grates Specifications

A fundamental hardscape design element of any modern city is the drainage system, which protects against flooding by draining excess water away. Now, underground drainage systems are designed to cope with frequent storms where any excess water always travels along the planned drainage flow paths to prevent flooding. Drainage systems are carefully planned to factor in the impact the drainage system has on our natural rivers and creeks. We are preventing waste from being washed into rivers and seas. 

At Jonite, our reinforced stone channel grates and trench grates have redefined the role of gratings and drain covers in the architecture industry. With Jonite channel gratings and trench gratings, outdoor drain covers are more than functional products – they become a cornerstone in your design. They can become design focal points, inviting the viewer’s eye to follow intricate patterns that open up into the building design.

Decorative Trench Grates

When choosing a trench grate for decorative purposes, the options available are limited to your imagination. Grates are still available in a standard slotted design but can now also be found with designs that echo the natural aspects of a landscape or give it an avant-garde flair. Similarly, customizable colors can help a grate better blend with or stand out against their surroundings. Even the texture of a grate can be customized, providing practical or aesthetic bonuses. The array of different visuals options help you achieve a perfect design for your landscape.

All products in Jonite trench grates collection are available in exquisite textures and colours. All its trench grates give you the finish of natural stone with the strength to sustain pedestrian and vehicular load performance and durability for a lifetime.

Jonite absorbs much less heat compared to traditional ferrous gratings, making it a more comfortable material to have around the house and in children’s playgrounds. Also, it has dielectric properties equivalent to porcelain, making it an excellent electrical insulator- a significant plus point in times of tropical thunderstorms.

Landscape architects like yourself have used our channel and trench grates for a variety of purposes, such as outdoor drain covers, channel grating along driveways, storm drainage and indoor applications. Aesthetics and functionality in a perfect marriage culminating in Jonite products makes us the natural choice.

Jonite trench grates are the perfect addition to your hardscape design. Like what you see? Contact us to request more information.

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Ivory White Ivory White
Wacky White Wacky White
Rosy Beige Rosy Beige
Desert Beige Desert Beige
Champagne Yellow Champagne Yellow
Terracotta Red Terracotta Red
Teak Brown Teak Brown
Mocca Brown Mocca Brown
Granite Grey Granite Grey
Ash Grey Ash Grey
Steel Grey Steel Grey
Slate Grey Slate Grey
Bamboo Green Bamboo Green
Smoky Green Smoky Green
Charcoal Black Charcoal Black
Ebony Black Ebony Black


Slotted Trench Grates SEE PRODUCTS SLOTTED

Classic and clean cut designs in compliance with BS EN 124:2015 that cover a wide range of openings. Suitable for various applications, from scupper indoor and outdoor drains to common house drains and wider drains in parks, commercial and industrial surroundings.

High Performance Trench Grates SEE PRODUCTS HIGH PERFORMANCE

Specially designed for heavy loading applications such as car-park entrances, hard-standing areas, driveways and kerb sides. L-Trimmers are recommended to ensure a flat and level seating of gratings.

Ready Cut Trench Grates SEE PRODUCTS READY-CUT

Designed for replacement purposes without any form of construction work on existing drains.The longitudinal side of the gratings has a wider edging so that they can be cut in our factory to attain required widths.

Pattern Trench Grates SEE PRODUCTS PATTERN

Creative and imaginative designs for enhanced aesthetic flair while maintaining load strength. Available in 2 standard designs: ornate Keyholes and contemporary Baby Pebbles.

Avant Garde Trench Grates SEE PRODUCTS AVANT-GARDE

Abstract and innovative designs reminiscent of rain motifs for a futuristic and non-traditional finish.

Nature Trench Grates SEE PRODUCTS NATURE

Created with floral and leaf-inspired designs for a stylish tropical resort touch, that allows the gratings to blend in more aesthetically with different landscapes and architecture.

Modern Trench Grates SEE PRODUCTS MODERN

Minimalist and clean architectural lines feature strongly in this collection, making it the best match for modern design. Available in 3 types of designs: Cross-Stitch, Interlace and Square Slots.


  • Custom color, design, size and texture
  • Custom curves
  • Trimmers for added aesthetics
  • Lockable grates
  • Heel proof grates


How durable are Jonite trench grates?

Jonite trench grates are incredibly durable due to the unique properties of the material. Natural decorative trench grates are rust & corrosion resistance, low heat absorption, slip resistance and high load-bearing performance.

How well do Jonite trench grates hold up under extreme weather?

Specified in projects all over the world including Dubai, Singapore and various states in the United States, Jonite has been used in the hottest, coldest and most humid places in the world with no known problems.

Can I use trench grates near my pool?

Yes, you can unless they are within 3 metres of your pool, which we would then recommend Jonite pool grates instead. The main difference is the reinforcements, which for pool grates are a non-ferrous composite material.

Would I be able to customise vehicle-rated trench grates?

Yes, you can, although the designs may be more limited. The customisation may also depend on the size and Load Class required. Please feel free to contact us to explore your options.

I am thinking of customising designs or colours. Where do I start?

We have a transparent step-by-step process which our team will guide you should you need help.