We’re in business to scale sustainable living.

Jonite is on a mission to lead the way towards a greener future. This is why everything we do starts with sustainability in mind.


Jonite’s commitment to the environment is driven from within its core values of the company’s vision and mission. Our primary aim is to ensure longevity and quality of our products through energy-saving and resource-conserving production.


  • From innovation to production to delivery, environmental design is a key consideration every step of the way.

  • We strive to meet and raise industry benchmarks through resource and energy-saving initiatives across green products, projects and partnerships.

  • It’s our goal to deliver sustainable design solutions most pleasing to the eye and to the world we live in.

We’re leading the charge of change.

Jonite is the only grates manufacturer to be a leader with four ticks under the SGBC (Singapore Green Building Council) Architectural Drain Covers category amongst other recognitions worldwide.

These stamps of sustainability are awarded only to companies with leading practices such as recycling content, avoidance of hazardous substances, low carbon footprint and proper implementation of waste, water and energy management.


The four-ticks highest accolade is awarded based on a strict standard of green features. This accreditation enables architects to receive higher BCA Green Mark points.

Green Label

The Green Label by the Singapore Environment Council is awarded to companies for their use of environmentally friendly products that adhere to the highest international eco-standards.


Jonite is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) with the MR Credit 4: Recycled Content under the LEED® Green Building Rating System benchmark high-performance green buildings in the United States.


Made from nature.

We go the distance to ensure our grates are made of at least 95% natural aggregates and only 5% hybrid polymers – for stone aesthetics that delight architects, and the planet.

Made to measure.

Our collaborative process offers customisation that blends into any specification and environment. This means we deliver only what clients need, when they need it. Less waste, more smiles.

Others see waste. We see potential.

All Jonite products are proudly made of at least 30% recycled materials. And we’re not stopping here. R&D is a big part of our daily process to make our brand even more sustainable.

Footprints made friendlier.

By making a conscious choice to innovate against cast iron, steel in our products are reduced by up to 80% – effectively lowering our carbon footprint by over 16x.

Here to stay for good.

Installed as intended, Jonite products are designed to last a lifetime. We’re the only ones in the world with a stone composite that takes loads the way steel or cast irons do. Heavy-duty, low-water absorption, corrosion and rust-resistant – sustainable for life.


This is how we're making sustainable choices. Step by step, every day.

Order processed.

Exact raw materials such as steel reinforcements and stone aggregates are calculated and mixed. Customisation not only brings out the best-fit design for our clients, it reduces unnecessary wastage – significantly.

Recycling as a routine.

Unused products don’t go in the trash. Steel and stone that meet our strict requirements are recycled so they can be used again as raw materials for our next project. Circular is the way to go.

Production complete.

We gather excess raw materials to be efficiently reused, constantly testing based on our stringent strength and durability standards. This ensures uncompromised integrity of the recycled materials for future use. Fuss-free, waste-free.

Preparing for delivery.

We clean our products
 using responsibly sourced cleaning agents and a solvent recycler. This way, we cut down on waste, fresh chemicals and hazardous emissions. Clean energy, great finishes.

Clean factory, green factory.

We end each day on a greener note. By keeping our factories consistently clean every step of the way, we effectively minimise our overall use of water.

Sustainable today.
And even more tomorrow.

Jonite believes that the journey to sustainability has no finish line. Because we can always do better. And hopefully, inspire more friends and partners to join us on the way. Every day, we’re looking for ways to innovate better Waste, Water and Energy policies and practices.

This means rethinking how we work and who we work with. We’re in business to reimagine a greener, more sustainable future in the industry and beyond.

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