Reinforced grates for private and public bathrooms

Bathroom Grates

Inventors of the world’s first reinforced stone bathroom grating. An aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective alternative to stainless steel grates. More than merely bathroom drain covers, we think of our bathroom gratings as a culmination of ancient history and modern technology. With natural stone textures, Jonite bathroom grates add a modern and elegant flair to public bathrooms.

  • Natural aesthetics
  • Slip-resistant
  • Less susceptible to stains
  • Easy to maintain
  • MR Credit 4: Recycled Content accredited under LEED®

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Class A15
  • Some Jonite products are built for pedestrian usage
  • Jonite incorporates ADA-certified grates in our range of products for greater accessibility

Strictly for pedestrian applications

Stylish and High-performance Bathroom Gratings

Jonite created the world’s first reinforced stone bathroom grates. Back then, the only option for architects when designing bathroom drainage grates for public toilets was stainless steel grates which were expensive, slippery and aesthetically unpleasing. Now, countless architects have used Jonite bathroom grates in public bathrooms to create modern, beautiful, hygienic, and safe toilets.

Beautifully crafted and created to drain excess and wastewater effectively, Jonite bathroom grates are used in urinals, cubicles, and even washbasins in public bathrooms. Architects and interior designers choose our reinforced stone toilet gratings because our grates can be blended with the colors of floor tiles to create a seamless finish.

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Ivory White Ivory White
Wacky White Wacky White
Rosy Beige Rosy Beige
Desert Beige Desert Beige
Champagne Yellow Champagne Yellow
Terracotta Red Terracotta Red
Teak Brown Teak Brown
Mocca Brown Mocca Brown
Granite Grey Granite Grey
Ash Grey Ash Grey
Steel Grey Steel Grey
Slate Grey Slate Grey
Bamboo Green Bamboo Green
Smoky Green Smoky Green
Charcoal Black Charcoal Black
Ebony Black Ebony Black

Customized Grating for Public Bathrooms

At Jonite, our designers and engineers can bring your design visions to life. Our ability to create unique grates lets us provide a way to enhance a new restroom or refresh an existing space in a commercial setting. With our product choices, you can give these installations a cohesive appearance with the rest of your area or produce an excellent contrast to your flooring.

Some of our options for personalizing a grate include the hue, pattern and size, with our stone material offering a natural and luxurious finish in any combination. Our experts can help you create the perfect piece using these choices. We’ll gain an understanding of your space, style preferences and needs to give you tailored recommendations for your project.

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Slotted Bathroom Grates SEE PRODUCTS SLOTTED

Classic and simple bathroom grate designs that blend in seamlessly with the bathroom floor.

TGS-200 slotted bathroom grate


Load class A15
Drain width 159mm to 164mm
Dimension 200W x 500L x 25mm(t)
TGS-250 slotted bathroom grate


Load class A15
Drain width 209mm to 214mm
Dimension 250W x 500L x 25mm(t)
TGS-300 slotted bathroom grate


Load class A15
Drain width 259mm to 264mm
Dimension 300W x 500L x 25mm(t)
TGB-500 slotted bathroom grate


Load class 6KN
Drain width 455mm to 464mm
Dimension 500W x 250L x 30mm(t)
Waveline Bathroom Grates SEE PRODUCTS WAVELINE

This waves-inspired collection of bathroom grates lend a modern touch to the bathroom floor for an additional creative aesthetic.

Waveline-185 bathroom grate


Load class A15
Drain width 150mm to 155mm
Dimension 185W x 500L x 20mm(t)
Waveline-220 bathroom grate


Load class A15
Drain width 179mm to 184mm
Dimension 220W x 500L x 25mm(t)
Waveline-250 bathroom grate


Load class A15
Drain width 209mm to 214mm
Dimension 250W x 500L x 25mm(t)
Waveline-275 bathroom grate


Load class A15
Drain width 234mm to 239mm
Dimension 275W x 500L x 25mm(t)
Waveline-500 bathroom grate


Load class 6KN
Drain width 459mm to 464mm
Dimension 500W x 250L x 25mm(t)

Next-Level Benefits of Our Bathroom Drain Grates

A robust sewerage system for public bathrooms is essential in providing a comfortable, clean, and pleasant experience for users. More than just serving a sanitation function, we believe that our bathroom and toilet grates are a culmination of ancient history. Matching the stone featured prominently in classical Roman bathrooms, the modern technology of our (reinforced) materials provides these advantages:

  • Slip-resistance: Our bathroom gratings’ rounded curve profiles and matte stone textures provide a safe, slip-free surface.
  • Easy maintenance: Jonite bathroom gratings are easy to maintain without the need for any acid wash and have low water absorption, minimizing the propensity to staining.
  • Sustainable and compliant design: Jonite bathroom grates contribute toward satisfying MR Credit 4: Recycled Content under LEED®. The LEED® Green Building Rating System is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high-performance green buildings in the U.S.A.
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Jonite stone color options
  • Custom color, design, size and texture
  • Profiles, roundness and smoothness for ease of maintenance

Your Trusted Supplier of Modern Bathroom Grates

With over 20 years of experience, Jonite is a leading provider of drains and bathroom grates. Many distinguished professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction industries select our contemporary grate products as their top choice.

With innovative designs of advanced hybrid polymers and 95% natural aggregate, the materials we use provide reliable durability you can count on in high-traffic areas with frequent use. A specially treated steel frame in the design includes impact strength for long-lasting applications in commercial settings.

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What is the difference between a Jonite bathroom grate and a trench grate?

Unlike trench gates, Jonite bathroom grates have a rounded-edge curve profile for liquids to be flushed easily from grate surfaces. This prevents liquids from stagnating for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Can the bathroom grate be used for outdoor baths?

Yes, it can. Just like our trench grates, Jonite bathroom grates are rust, corrosion, and slip resistant. They also have low heat absorption and high load-bearing performance, making them extremely weather-resistant.

Can the bathroom grate be used for public toilets?

Yes. The first bathroom grate was called a toilet grate, and it made its debut in shopping malls and public toilets. Due to its ease of maintenance, it can even be used below urinals.

Can I customize the colors to match my floor tiles?

Yes. We can obtain a color sample of your floor tile for a color match. Our transparent step-by-step process will help you with all your customizing needs. Feel free to reach out to one of us at Jonite if you need help.

The length of my bath drain is varied. Can I cut the grates?

Yes, you can. However, it is recommended to give us the length of your grates so that we can cut them for you. Some models are designed for cutting flexibility to maintain the seamlessness of the design even after trimming.

Are Jonite bathroom grates slip resistant?

Jonite bathroom grates are slip resistant. We have conducted Pendulum and Ramp tests on our products to make sure they meet industry standards for slip resistance. With a class V on the Pendulum test and an R10 on the Ramp test, Jonite can handle most locations and applications.

Are Jonite’s products sustainable?

Jonite commits to environmentally sustainable practices. We actively manage our energy, water, and waste with the future in mind. We use at least 30% recycled aggregates, which reduces carbon emissions by up to 80%.

Jonite products are also Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certified (4 ticks, leader). This means that you can score additional points under the Functional Systems Criteria (Flooring, Ceiling, Roof, External Wall, Internal Wall and Door systems) and/or Singular Sustainable Products outside of Functional Systems Criteria. This ensures that sustainability is integrated throughout the design and manufacturing process of green building products.

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If you’d like to get some inspiration for your custom design, feel free to explore our collection of past projects we’ve completed for clients. Like what you see? Feel free to contact us to see how we can help fit our bathroom floor grates into your vision.

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