Reinforced stone ventilation for vertical and horizontal application

Ventilation Grilles

One of our newest lines of products, the ventilation grill is a natural extension of our existing reinforced stone hardscape products. Ventilation can now be beautiful and multi-purpose, enabled by our highly customizable designs and excellent load-bearing strength.

  • Highly customizable
  • Beautiful modern aesthetics
  • Excellent load-bearing strength
  • Unlimited colors and designs

Loading Specifications

5KN - Class D400
  • Some Jonite products are built for pedestrian usage
  • Jonite incorporates ADA-certified grates in our range of products for greater accessibility
  • Jonite stone reinforced grates and panels with loading class specifications for vehicles class B2
  • Jonite's range of products also include grates that can withstand Class C vehicle loads
  • Jonite produces a range of high loading-performance grates and panels that can withstand class Dvehicular loads

Purposeful and Decorative Ventilation Grille Design

Ventilation is of primary concern to architects. When designed well, it can make a building come alive and can help building owners achieve green energy savings through improved ventilation. Every building design is unique. Therefore the Net Free Area requirements for ventilation grilles can vary vastly.

Here at Jonite, with over 20 years of experience in the materials industry partnering with landscape architects, we understand this deeply. All of our decorative ventilation grilles can be customized to fit your requirements for open area percentage of ventilation, span, or design.

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Ivory White Ivory White
Wacky White Wacky White
Rosy Beige Rosy Beige
Desert Beige Desert Beige
Champagne Yellow Champagne Yellow
Terracotta Red Terracotta Red
Teak Brown Teak Brown
Mocca Brown Mocca Brown
Granite Grey Granite Grey
Ash Grey Ash Grey
Steel Grey Steel Grey
Slate Grey Slate Grey
Bamboo Green Bamboo Green
Smoky Green Smoky Green
Charcoal Black Charcoal Black
Ebony Black Ebony Black

A Better Alternative to Standard Grilles

Traditional metal ventilation grilles are typically highly functional but non-decorative. We design our ventilation grilles with the aspiration of bringing an exciting alternative to aluminum or metallic alloy ventilation grilles through the introduction of beautiful reinforced stone products.

At Jonite, we took inspiration from the aesthetically appealing stone of castles built during the Middle Ages to create visually pleasing pieces such as drains, grates and grilles. We offer ways to personalize your order’s appearance with various sizes, colors and shapes, including earthy motifs and avant-garde patterns. The customized stone comes with a natural, luxurious finish.

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ventilation-grilles SEE PRODUCTS FOREST

Inject tropical vibes into your design with this collection of reinforced stone ventilation grilles inspired by the forest.

Forest VG-300 ventilation grille


Load class 5KN
Drain width 250mm (max)
Dimension 300W x 500L x 25mm(t)
Forest VG-445 ventilation grille


Load class 5KN
Drain width 385mm (max)
Dimension 445W x 490L x 35mm(t)

Benefits of Our Modern Ventilation Grilles

Architects can expand their hardscape and urban designs to anywhere their imagination bring them. Ventilation grilles no longer need to be hidden, concealed, or minimized- but can become an entire design highlight or blended into the other hardscape design elements. Some advantages of our custom grilles include the following:

  • Excellent load-bearing strength: The durable materials consist of advanced hybrid polymers and 95% aggregates. Reinforcement with specially treated steel frames gives these grilles reliable performance and ensures they meet international standards for bearing loads.
  • Creative and unique designs: Leveraging on Jonite ventilation grilles’  excellent load-bearing strength, architects can now incorporate ventilation in other applications that were not possible in the past. This custom feature opens up an exciting avenue to express creativity and create something unique — the possibilities are endless and if you can specify it, we can custom-build it.
  • Versatile uses in commercial settings: Architects have used the power of our grates to circumvent safety issues of ventilation being situated directly above the basement carpark. Other architects have used Jonite custom ventilation grilles for multiple purposes as both ventilation and a walking platform.
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  • Custom color, design, size and texture
  • Design and fabrication of supporting frames
  • Special design for vehicular loading
  • Free open area

Expert Providers of Customized Grille Designs

Today, many architecture, engineering and construction professionals look for innovative ways to reduce their environmental impact. Our personalized designs at Jonite include at least 30% recycled materials. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council member and a leader of Singapore Green Building projects, we prioritize sustainability in our production methods.

Our experts have helped distinguished clients in homes, learning centers, businesses and government institutions shrink their ecological footprints. Check out our portfolio of past projects to see the transformative and inspiring designs we’ve made for settings across the globe.

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Can I design a ventilation grille to a specific open area?

Yes, we can make a custom ventilation grille based on your required open area. We will also take your preferred design, size, or any other parameter into consideration as well.

Can Jonite ventilation grilles be used for both vertical and horizontal installation?

Yes. Our ventilation grilles have a high compressive load strength for sturdy horizontal installation intended for minimal pedestrian use. For vertical installation, load-bearing requirements are usually not needed, but Jonite ventilation grilles are rated for at least 5KN.

Do you provide the fixtures for vertical ventilation installation?

Unfortunately, no. Jonite only designs and manufactures the panels required for your vertical installations without any fixtures and fittings.

Can Jonite ventilation grilles be customized for vehicular application?

Yes, but designs may be limited. Just like Jonite trench grates, customization may also depend on the size and Load Class required. Please feel free to contact us to explore which options suit you best.

What is the largest size of panel I can customize?

Our largest custom panel size is 1-meter x 1-meter.

Are Jonite’s products sustainable?

Jonite commits to environmentally sustainable practices. We actively manage our energy, water, and waste with the future in mind. We use at least 30% recycled aggregates, which reduces carbon emissions by up to 80%.

Jonite products are also Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certified (4 ticks, leader). This means that you can score additional points under the Functional Systems Criteria (Flooring, Ceiling, Roof, External Wall, Internal Wall and Door systems) and/or Singular Sustainable Products outside of Functional Systems Criteria. This ensures that sustainability is integrated throughout the design and manufacturing process of green building products.

Contact Jonite to Order Your Ventilation Grilles

Want to find out more about Jonite’s modern ventilation grilles? Contact us for more information on how we can help fit into your design vision. Our dedicated team can gain an understanding of your needs and style preferences to create the perfect product. Enjoy choosing a design to match your existing space or creating an eye-catching, beautiful statement piece to enhance your surroundings.

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