Street Benches

Stone street furniture doesn’t have to be heavy and bulky. It can be sleek and modern but still be able to withstand the elements – rain, sun, sleet, snow, or more. Jonite’s elastic panels make the perfect site furnishing such as street benches.

  • Sturdy & ergonomic
  • Extreme load-bearing strength
  • Customizable logos and designs
  • Low heat absorption

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Stylish and Practical Street Benches

Street furniture plays a ubiquitous part of street design. When deciding on what type of site furnishing and where to place them, landscape architects not only have to consider aesthetics and functionality. The impact the street furniture has on road safety, pedestrian mobility, and the city’s visual identity is also important.

A growing movement in architecture is to provide green spaces as a counterbalance to modern city skylines. Architects have a fine line to tread between the balance of nature and modern architecture. Public areas such as parks are the perfect stages to accomplish this goal- and what better way to add a further touch of life through natural stone site furnishing?

Jonite’s Banco street bench is a natural extension of our existing line of grates and panels. This new line of site furnishing offers a unified look throughout your design from drainage grates to street furniture.

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Ivory White Ivory White
Wacky White Wacky White
Rosy Beige Rosy Beige
Desert Beige Desert Beige
Champagne Yellow Champagne Yellow
Terracotta Red Terracotta Red
Teak Brown Teak Brown
Mocca Brown Mocca Brown
Granite Grey Granite Grey
Ash Grey Ash Grey
Steel Grey Steel Grey
Slate Grey Slate Grey
Bamboo Green Bamboo Green
Smoky Green Smoky Green
Charcoal Black Charcoal Black
Ebony Black Ebony Black

Benefits of Our Modern Street Benches

At Jonite, we wanted to transform the traditional seating of outdoor landscapes. Our R&D team worked towards a vision of sleek and modern designs, breaking the mold of large and heavy stone street benches. The perfected products include the following advantages:

  • Sturdy and ergonomic construction: Our Banco street benches come in fully knock-down or pre-assembled systems to accommodate standard or customized components while being sturdy and cost-effective.
  • Extreme load-bearing strength: A specially treated steel frame provides incredible durability and meets international standards for load-bearing capability.
  • Low heat absorption: The stone’s natural finish absorbs less heat than other materials, offering temperature control for a safe and comfortable place to sit.
  • Rust and corrosion resistance: Our material’s uniquely resilient properties make our benches suitable for outdoor use, as they are able to maintain an ideal appearance over time.
  • Sustainable materials: At least 30% of our Banco street furniture is made of recycled products. This is our way of contributing to a green and sustainable environment.
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The BR series consists of street benches with ergonomic backing designed for the comfort of users. Available in 2-seater or 3-seater standard configurations.

BR 300-2 Seater bench


Load class A15
Weight 140 kg
Dimension 1150L x 823W x 780mmH
BR 300-3 Seater bench


Load class A15
Weight 190 kg
Dimension 1700L x 823W x 780mmH
SS-Series Street Bench SEE PRODUCTS SS

The SS series comprises benches without backing, to provide uninterrupted sight lines, bringing the spotlight onto the natural surroundings. Available in 2 seating configurations.

SS 210-2 Seater bench


Load class A15
Weight 125 kg
Dimension 1150L x 638W x 447mmH
SS 210-3 Seater bench


Load class A15
Weight 168 kg
Dimension 1700L x 638W x 447mmH

Customizable Logos and Designs

Our modern street benches offer various ways to enhance an outdoor space in a neighborhood, condo, apartment, hotel, park, playground, learning center, shopping area or government institution. If you would like to go beyond street benches, our experienced R&D team can work with you to create custom street furniture and site furnishings for imaginative applications.

To bring your design inspiration to life, our dedicated team will first gain an understanding of your space, ideal style and needs. From there, we can provide valuable advice and detailed recommendations to create next-level seating in your environment. Some of our options include two- or three-seat versions with or without backing for support.

You can easily add creative and beautiful touches by creating unique designs featuring a corporate insignia or municipal logo on the panel grate, giving an exclusive identity to the commercial spaces. Refreshing, exciting, and unified reinforced stone finishes in unexpected places will create a new depth in your outdoor areas.

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  • Custom color, design, size and texture
  • Integration with other materials like metal and wood
  • Custom logos or insignias
  • Expandability of seats
  • Modular components

Expert Creators of Custom Benches

With over 20 years of experience and insight, Jonite is the company you can trust for customized street benches. We’ve created outdoor seating for architecture, engineering and construction leaders. You can check out our portfolio of past projects to see how we’ve transformed landscapes for distinguished clients across the globe.

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How weather-resistant are Jonite street benches?

The heat absorption of Jonite street benches is better than most materials like metal and wood. Low water absorption and perforations on the benches also help with quicker drying after wet weather.

What can I customize for Banco street benches?

We can customize the designs and colors of the panels in the Banco collection.

Can I conceptualize and design a unique street bench?

Yes, you can. However, it is recommended that fully customized benches are ordered at a minimum quantity. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

Can Jonite design the support if I were to customize the panels for my bench?

We can design a simple panel support system. However, please take note that any mounting or fixtures will not be included in the design.

Are Jonite’s products sustainable?

Jonite commits to environmentally sustainable practices. We actively manage our energy, water, and waste with the future in mind. We use at least 30% recycled aggregates, which reduces carbon emissions by up to 80%.

Jonite products are also Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certified (4 ticks, leader). This means that you can score additional points under the Functional Systems Criteria (Flooring, Ceiling, Roof, External Wall, Internal Wall and Door systems) and/or Singular Sustainable Products outside of Functional Systems Criteria. This ensures that sustainability is integrated throughout the design and manufacturing process of green building products.

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