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Channel Covers: Simple Way To Prevent Channel Drainage Clogging

Jonite channel covers provide a simple yet effective way to prevent the clogging of your drainage channels. To understand better what channel covers are and why they are important, it is imperative that we also know what drainage channels are and what they are for.

A drainage channel guides and carries water away from the house or building and into the main sewer system or collection point. The water can come from driveways, garden, or even rain water. Drainage channels can be installed underground or above. If the drainage channel is buried below the ground, then a regular cleaning of the channels is necessary to avoid clogging.

For channel drains that are above the ground, it is recommended that channel covers are provided so that stray leaves or other objects won’t clog the channel and prevent accidents as well.

Inlets should be installed in the drainage with channel covers to allow water to continuously flow inside. Also, the whole channel should be accessible for cleaning; the covers must be removable so that any object that can cause blockage, such as leaves, soil, small trash, and others can be easily taken out.

This system is especially needed in garden areas, where there is an excess in water most of the time. Proper drainage of water should be applied so that you can avoid the pooling of water in flat areas, which could potentially become a breeding ground for the mosquitoes. Not only that, the excess water can also saturate the soil, which may cause erosion, crack in your home foundation, and your plants to die.

It is very important that your whole property has good drainage system. This helps avoid foundation damage to your property. Needless to say, if the foundation is cracked, expect to shell out thousands of dollars in repair to save the whole property.

Prevent this problem by properly installing channel drainage with channel covers at strategic locations around your property, such as the basement, the driveway, and the garden.

You don’t need to worry about channel covers ruining the aesthetic designs of the whole structure either. With Jonite, functionality and strength are merged with artistry. Each stone-reinforced product is compliant with BS EN123.1994, tested for durability, LEED Label and Green Label certified, and fully customizable so they can fit into the whole architectural design.

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