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Green Building

Aspects Of Green Building Design

Green building involves many aspects of the building process. These include the type of materials used, its long term durability and performance, the efficiency of the building method, maintenance and upkeep, and then there is the design. It takes into account the immediate environment when drafting the building plans. It incorporates the lay of the land, the direction of the wind, and where the sun rises and sets.

Sustainable designs result to energy efficient buildings that make practical use of the elements around us, elements that we can naturally acquire with the right building methods. For example, natural light and fresh air is easily harnessed with the right kinds of windows. In addition to being of the right material and size, these windows should naturally be situated on the correct side of the house or building.

Appropriate Materials For Green Building Design

Renewable materials top the list of green building materials. You can place recyclables up there as well. Consider anything that does not require tremendous amounts of energy in its manufacture as a green material. These include wood and natural stone, and a host of recycled products that would otherwise find their way at a landfill. Fortunately for Mother Earth, responsible companies now offer environment friendly products. One of these model companies is Jonite. Grating is the specialty of Jonite. It manufactures customizable grating products from reinforced stone. These products lend itself well to green building design.

Jonite Stone Gratings And Green Building Design

Gratings provide a practical way for managing water runoff from a given area. These include residential residences as well as industrial and commercial ones.  Jonite gratings give builders an alternative material to the usual steel and metal grating. As everyone knows, steel and metal are not quite the best materials to use when it comes to environmental responsibility. This is due to the notorious amounts of carbon emitted to the environment in its manufacture.

Jonite reinforced stone, however, carries the Green Label certification from the Singapore Environmental Council. The amount of recycled content material in the Jonite stone gratings has earned it a LEED certification from the U.S.

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