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Pond Grates

Using Reinforced Stones For Pond Grates

Importance Of Installing Pond Grates

Ponds enhance the design of a space while adding to the value of the entire property. Not only that, they also make for a peaceful ambiance. But as much as a pond is aesthetically pleasing to the senses, it is also a hassle to maintain, especially if it is placed indoors.

It cannot be helped sometimes that excess water overflows from the pond. To remedy this, you can install pond grates around as it would lessen the chance of flooding on the surrounding property. However, the problem with typical gratings that are made of steel is that they sometimes hold back the beauty of the pond rather than add to it. Steel grates may be resilient, but they lack in aesthetic quality.

Merging Form And Function Of Pond Grates With Customizable Designs And Colors

Setting up steel grates around your pond may be a smart thing to do in terms of functionality and maintenance. However, they look very industrial, which can ruin the Zen-like atmosphere the pond emits on the space.

But function shouldn’t cost the aesthetic feature of your property. A good architectural plan can merge both, not sacrificing one over the other as both are equally important.

Steel pond grates only come in one variety: horizontal tubes. For grating material that offers limitless choice in color, design, and style, you can opt for reinforced stone gratings from Jonite. Their grates, made from reinforced natural stones, have flexible styles. You can have them modified in any shape, color, and even texture to complement the overall design and style of your pond and property.

With design customization, your pond grates won’t just blend into the surrounding, they can enhance the space and highlight the pond itself.

Also, Jonite’s reinforced stone grates are eco-friendly. They are made from sustainable materials, and are Green Label certified, using 30 percent or more of recycled content and having low carbon emissions. Jonite products have passed a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) label certification for satisfying MR Credit 4 for recycled content as well.

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