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Stone Grates

Stone Grates Are More Eco-friendly Than Steel Grates

Drainages are the main implementations of stone grates. These drainages may be in gardens, pools, driveways, garages, and even in areas where vehicular and pedestrian traffic is high!

In the past, the only material of choice for grates was steel because of its toughness and hardiness. But the drawback is it is not eco-friendly. Carbon is needed to make the steel hard, but carbon emissions damage the ozone layer. Steel grates also corrode and rust over time. Finally, steel grates tend to violate nature’s aesthetics.

There Are Greater Benefits In Using Stone Grates

Stone grates are manufactured from recyclable and low impact materials. The resulting appearance and ambience blends well with nature. It can take on other natural colors of stone to meet the different landscaping needs anywhere. Its water absorption is 0.5% so its color will not fade when exposed to water. Also, its strength and durability has been reinforced to match that of steel grates and meets the BS EN 124.1994 international standards. It is able to sustain areas where vehicular and pedestrian traffic are high.

Since grates of stone are 30% recyclable materials and durable and strong as steel, carbon emissions can be reduced if not eliminated when they are chosen or preferred over steel grates. Besides it is Green Label Badge certified!

Steel has to undergo some processes of eliminating its impurities like silica, phosphorous and sulfur, because these weaken steel. Then carbon has to be added to a melted iron solution. These processes are chemical in nature and their residues in excessive amounts harm the environment, not to mention the carbon emissions!

Stone Grates Go Beyond The Three Factors Of Architectural And Landscape Design

Ecological responsibility should now be instilled in modern architectural and landscape design. There ought to be a higher purpose put in the design process. Ecological impact must be considered besides functionality, commodity, and delight. Sustainability of the environmental health is also critical!

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