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Advantages Of Choosing Stone Gratings Over Other Materials

A lot of architects are wary of the use of stone gratings over the conventional steel grates. This is because natural stones are brittle and can’t withstand heavy weight.

However, natural stones have a timeless look that complements the visual value of architectural designs. They are a great accent to the overall artistic layout of the property, which is something steel grates aren’t, being in boring gray hue that they are.

In order to get the best of both materials in grating system, Jonite has developed reconstituted stone gratings. With this stone-reinforced solution, strength and beauty come together. There is no need to compromise design over durability or function over form.

Jonite stone gratings are produced from 95% agglomeration of natural stone substrates and mineral oxides under vacuum and compression process. The products are designed to meet the requirements of the European Standard BS EN 124.1994.

The stone gratings are fully customizable. Jonite has unlimited range of color customization, allowing architects to create the hue they envision in their design plans. And while the stone grates already come in four categories – Pattern, Nature, Modern, and Avant-Garde collections – for their standard slotted designs, custom-made designs are also available for those who have a specific pattern in mind.

Although the creative stone grates are suitable for 5KN static loading, heavy loading capacities are still feasible with the help of Jonite’s Custom Design Services to give clients full rein to their structure and aesthetic vision.

Jonite grates have both low heat and water absorption features. They absorb much less sun heat than other grating materials, making walking barefoot on grates installed around the pool, house, or in children’s playgrounds more comfortable. And because Jonite gratings have low water absorption of 0.5%, they are able to maintain their color even when in constant contact with pool water.

Eco-conscious developers will also be pleased to know that Jonite meets the Singapore Environment Council’s requirements for low carbon emissions and at least 30% of recycled content. It is Green Label certified and has LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) label certification for satisfying MR Credit 4: Recycled Content.

With durability and aesthetics combined, Jonite stone gratings are truly the first choice in materials for grates system.

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